Have a Question Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the rental period? (For Weddings and Special Events)

    Standard rates are for a 1-day rental period. If your event falls on a Saturday or Sunday, you may pickup your items on Friday and return them on Monday for the same 1-day charge.  If you require a longer rental period, please contact us for rate information. Holidays and graduation events may be excluded from our standard rates.

    Please note: When a customer rents an item from us, that item is removed from our inventory and thus it is unavailable for us to rent to another customer. Therefore, all charges are for time out regardless of whether you actually use the item(s) you rent.

  • How long is the rental period? (For Homeowner, Equipment, and Trailer Rentals)

    The minimum rental period is 2 hours during store business hours. 4 hour, 1 day, and weekly rentals are also available. Non-gas items picked up after 1 p.m. on Saturday may be kept until 8 a.m. Monday for a 24-hour charge.  If you require a longer rental period, please contact us for rate information. Holidays and special events may be excluded from our standard rates.

    Please note: When a customer rents an item from us, that item is removed from our inventory and thus it is unavailable for us to rent to another customer. Therefore, all charges are for time out regardless of whether you actually use the item(s) you rent.

  • If I rent a machine, do I need to put gas in it?

    Customers are responsible for all fuel.  Most small engines are fueled prior to rental and have a fuel charge at time of rental.  Pleased be aware of fuel type, 2 cycle 4 cycle or diesel. All equipment with gas engines require non-ethanol premium unleaded fuel.  We reserve the right to change equipment brands and specifications.

  • Should I make an appointment to visit your showroom?

    Appointments are not necessary during our normal business hours of Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm but are required on Saturday's. If you have something specific that you are looking for then we recommend making an appointment to ensure that we have the item or information about the item ready for your visit. Please contact us to confirm your appointment.

  • When should I make my reservation?

    The sooner the better to ensure item availability. As a well known provider in the Midwest with a large service area, our products go fast! We accept reservations up to one year prior to the date of your event.

    If an order is made within 2 weeks prior to the reservation/delivery date, 100% of the payment is due at that time. 

  • What do I need in order to place a reservation?

    You will be asked for your name, local address, main phone number, and a 20% non-refundable deposit. We accept cash, as well as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. All final payments are due 14 days prior to reservation/delivery date. 

  • Do you offer a discount for large quantities?

    All of our items are priced individually and are not offered with any quantity discounts at this time.

  • Can I change or cancel my reservation?

    It is common for guest counts to change as your event approaches, and we will happily accommodate those changes. However, we ask that any changes to your reservation are made 2-weeks prior to date of pickup or delivery.

    All customers are subject to a 20% non-refundable deposit regardless of when the order was placed. There is a 100% cancellation fee on all items cancelled within 14 days of the reservation/delivery date.  Please note: All orders, including linens, must be finalized 2-weeks prior to your event. Any cancellations of linens within 2-weeks of your event will not receive a refund. 

    Management reserves the right to make exceptions or allowances to payment and cancellation policies on a case by case basis. 

  • Do you offer setup?

    Delivery does not include setup. However, setup and tear down are available for an additional charge. Please contact us for more details.

  • What are your delivery charges?

    Local delivery/pick-up has a minimum fee of $100.00. Additional rates are based on the labor required and on the location of your event. "Delivery Charges" describe round-trip delivery and pickup. 

    If a delivery requires multiple or larger vehicles, additional staff, or falls on holiday/after hours , additional charges will be applied. If a venue requires the use of an elevator, stairs, or we have to transport the items an excessive distance, additional charges will be applied. 

    Please note: We require that you give us at least a 2-4 hour window of time for all deliveries. If a specific time is needed, there will be an additional charge. Please call contact us for more details.

  • What are your delivery hours?

    Normal delivery hours are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Saturday. Deliveries can be made 24 hours a day but there is an additional fee for deliveries outside normal hours and on holidays. Please inquire for more details.

  • Can you deliver items at an exact time?

    Our delivery staff may have many stops during the day and sometimes complications occur at one stop which may delay the remaining deliveries. Therefore it is difficult to schedule an exact time for delivery. Our delivery schedule is made 2-weeks in advance and if you request a certain time we will do our best to accommodate. If your venue requires an exact time or an after-hours delivery/pickup, addition charges will be applied.

  • What if I am not home when you deliver or pickup items?

    If you know you will not be home or on site for the delivery, please call let us know where your items should be left or set up. If you are not home when our staff members arrive, they will try to contact you using the number on your reservation. If delivery has to be rescheduled after ABC Rentals staff have already arrived, an additional delivery fee will apply.

    Please note: we prefer items are not left outside in case of inclement weather, however all items are the responsibility of the renter until time of pickup or return; thus if they are damaged then additional fees will apply. 

  • Do we need to stack the chairs before you pick them up?

    Unless we have arranged differently, we ask that our items are left on site in the same place and condition as we originally delivered them. Tables and Chairs need to be folded and stacked, lighting needs to be boxed, and decorations need to be removed from a tent before our staff arrives. If our staff needs to spend additional time doing these steps, additional charges will be applied.

  • What does the damage waiver cover?

    A damage waiver is required to protect renters from charges incurred due to normal wear and tear on rental items. It does not cover missing or lost items. Our damage waiver is 10% of your total rental bill, however it covers 80% of accidental damage. Broken items will be examined by our staff and deemed repairable or not. If an item cannot be repaired, you will be charged the remaining 20% of the replacement cost and was not covered by the damage waiver. Certain restrictions may apply, please contact us for more details.

  • What happens if I lose or break an item?

    Please remember, you are responsible for all rental items (including boxes, creates, and carts that are given to you for transport) from time of receipt until time of return. Be sure items are secured when not in use and protected from the weather at all times. If items are lost or missing, you will be charged the replacement cost. If items are damaged, please refer to the "What does the Damage Waiver cover" question above.

  • What happens if I stain or damage linens?

    While staff at ABC Rentals Special Events can get most stains out, there are some linen stains that cannot be cleaned. Customers that return linens that have excessive wax, ink, marker, burn marks, mildew, or that are soiled beyond cleaning will be charged the replacement cost for each linen damaged.

    Please note: Never return linens in a sealed plastic bag as this can lead to permanent stains/mildew.

  • What should we do with our dishes and linens before we return them?

    To avoid cleaning fees, please note the following:

    Liquid should be poured out of glasses. Glasses should then be placed right-side up within their proper racks.

    Silverware should be well-rinsed and free of food. 

    Dishware should be thoroughly scraped, rinsed (food free) and placed back into the crates from which they were delivered in.

    Tablecloths should be shaken free of all debris and placed in the bags or boxes provided by ABC Rentals.

    Please note: Never return linens in a sealed plastic bag as this can lead to permanent stains/mildew and additional cleaning fees.

    Unless otherwise arranged, all rental items must be stacked and placed back into their crates prior to pickup, as they were upon delivery.

  • What size tent will I need for my event?

    There are many details that will affect what size of tent is needed for an event. Are you using banquet tables or round tables? Is the dinner a buffet or sit-down? Is there a dance floor and what size is it? Do you need to save space for a bar, DJ, gift table, cake table, and buffet line? Will you be using a stage for your head table? How big is your head table? There are endless possibilities. A simple google search will give you many different formulas for figuring out your required tent size, however in our opinion most of these formulas do not take your customized setup into account. Please Contact Us so that we may help you figure out what size tent will work best for your specific setup. 

    Please note: When choosing the area for your tent, keep in mind that we need 5' extra space on all sides for staking. If possible, please have your chosen space measured before calling for a price quote. In some instances we will need to schedule a site visit to determine what size tent fits best within the allotted space.

  • Does my tent come with walls?

    Side curtains (walls) block wind and rain, keep out insects, direct traffic, and hide imperfections in your location. They can also bring an intimate feel to a large event. Side curtains are not included in your tent rentals but they are available for an additional charge. See wall options on the Tent Side Curtains page, and Contact Us for pricing.

  • Can you install the tent on concrete, decks, or other hard surfaces?

    Yes. Frame tents are perfect for installation on hard surfaces because they are weighted and not staked like our lightweight canopies or our rope and pole tents are. If you have specific questions about an area that you are unsure of, please Contact Us to discuss tent options with our staff members.

  • Can I rent a tent from you and then set it up by myself?

    Customers may setup our 10x10, 20x20, 20x30, and 20x40 Pole Tents only. The rest of our frame and pole tents need to be installed by our professional installation crews who are trained to safely and securely set our tents in most locations.

  • I am having an event in my backyard. When should I cut the grass?

    It is best to cut the grass no less than 2 days before your event. Please DO NOT cut your grass the day of your event. Longer grass wears better when it it longer.  Freshly cut grass will stain not only linens but also chairs, tents, and any decorations, leaving your event with green stains everywhere! In addition, if we are staking the tent, we will need to have "SD State One Call" mark all public utilities lines and those lines need to be visible for our delivery staff during installation.

  • Can you put air conditioning in my tent?

    We work with a number of suppliers in the Midwest to provide the service if it is requested; but while it is possible to put air conditioning in a tent, it tends to be expensive. Therefore we offer several varieties of fans to help with more cost efficient ventilation.

  • Do you have any lighting?

    Yes, we have several varieties of lighting including string lighting, PAR cans, LED uplighting, and chandeliers. Please note: Lighting requires power and therefore if your event does not have an outlet then a generator may be required. 

  • How many people can sit at a table?

    60" (5ft) Round Table: 6-8 people
    72" (6ft) Round Table: 8-10 people
    6ft Banquet Table: 6-8 people
    8ft Banquet Table: 8-10 people

  • What size linen do I need for my table?

    The size of the table linen you need depends on the size of the table you are using and the desired look you are trying to achieve.  Answer these three simple questions then reference our linen size chart. It’s that easy!

    1. What size and shape is my table?
    2. What length do I want my linen to be?
    3. What is my budget?

    Once you have determined your linen size(s), visit rentallinenswatches.com to view color and material options! Or, stop into our showroom on Phillips Avenue to see samples of each fabric.

  • Is there a weight limit for my chairs?

    Yes, the weight limits that we suggest are as follows:
    Basic Black and White Folding Chairs, 275lbs.
    Padded Resin Black and White Folding Chairs, 300lbs.
    Chiavari Chairs, 300lbs.

  • Can I use real candles if I rent vases?

    Although we prefer the use of LED candles, open flame wax candles are permitted within our votives and vases. They are also permitted within our lanterns, so long as they are enclosed in a votive or vase within the lantern. This helps to ensure that the candle wax does not permanently damage the inside of the lantern.

    You may also want to check with your venue as to whether they allow open flame wax candles or if they only allow the use of LED.

    Please note: As stated in our linen agreement, customers that return linens that have excessive wax will be charged the replacement cost for each linen damaged. Keep this in mind if you plan to use open flame wax candles!

  • Does my food machine come with supplies?

    A food machine rental does not include supplies, however we do carry all supplies needed for our food machines at our Phillips Avenue location. Please Contact Us for further information.

  • Do you have an emergency number?

    Our current emergency number will be listed on our answering machine. Please call and wait for number to be listed before leaving a message.