When thinking of renting, think ABC Rentals!

ABC Rentals was started in 2002 as a locally owned one-stop rental store in Sioux Falls, SD. However our business quickly outgrew our original storefront and we saw the need for an additional location. With an opportunity for growth in the weddings and special events industry, we decided to open a second location in Sioux Falls, SD. Although we now have two locations, we still have a vested interest that only a "mom and pop" business can have.  Our staff at both locations are here to make sure you have a great rental experience and are ready to answer any questions you may have. We thank you for your business and can't wait to meet you!


Here to Help Team Members

  • Darcy,-ABC-Rentals,-Sioux-Falls.jpg
    Darcy Van Gorp
    Phillips Avenue
  • Diane,-ABC-Rentals,-Sioux-Falls.jpg
    Diane Van Gorp
    Phillips Avenue
  • Kent,-ABC-Rentals,-Sioux-Falls.jpg
    Kent Kleinsasser
    12th Street
  • Mark,-ABC-Rentals,-Sioux-Falls.jpg
    Mark Busch
    12th Street
  • Tyler,-ABC-Rentals,-Sioux-Falls.jpg
    Tyler Busch
    Phillips Avenue
  • Zach,-ABC-Rentals,-Sioux-Falls.jpg
    Zach Kleinsasser
    Phillips Avenue
  • Holly,-ABC-Rentals,-Sioux-Falls.jpg
    Holly Davis
    Phillips Avenue
  • Brian-Sharp,-Photo-ABC-Rentals.jpg
    Brian Sharp
    12th Street
  • Jake,-ABC-Rentals,-Sioux-Falls.jpg
    Jake DeBerg
    Phillips Avenue